NEW RELEASE - "Through the Eyes of Mary" published by Chocolate River Publishing  from (Riverview, NB). This condensed daily journal portrays a personal account of life from the 1920's to 1950's in a rural Canadian community.
Readers will feel involved in the community as residents socialize, take part in political events such as prohibition, or assist each other in times of need.  Mayme, as she is known locally, shows how her community participates in the World War II effort at home, details how industrialization brings new and positive things to the community where she lives. Electricity, wringer washers and small appliances, in-house running water, and the automobile create a stir of excitement for Mary and her neighbours. Step back to 1920, put on comfortable footware, and walk along with Mary.

Dr. Alan Sears UNB Education (History) and Philip Sexsmith UNB Education (English) argreed that this primary source is a great resource book for educators and students.
Paperback costs $18.95.

Canadian author, Sharon Bird uses an easy to read and entertaining style to draw readers through her non-fiction material, encouraging them to absorb pieces of our Canadian history. "Telling Canadian stories, one piece at a time."

Reader Comments:

"My Canada", a children's book ages 4-8, published by Flying Frog Publishing, Maryland, USA. Only available through Chapters/Indigo. May be scheduled for third printing.

"This book is so colourful. An amazing resource for school projects as it's packed full of so much interesting information." - numerous readers.

"A Peak around the Corner - Burtt's Corner, the early years" An early history of this rural New Brunswick community just northwest of the capital City of Fredericton.

“Thoroughly enjoyed your book, and the informative glimpse into the past...brought that corner of the world to life for us...a thumbs-up. It wet our appetite to learn more about that area. We plan on driving to NB during the fall ...and will now stop in Burtt’s Corner.” - Mary & Peter Haynes; Baton Rouge, Louisana USA. (They did visit in 2016).

 "From the Shoebox", a collection of 200 photos of early Burtt's Corner from late 1800's through 1970.

"What a wonderful walk down Memory Lane. The photographs and stories provided are sensational. Her knowledge of Burtt's Corner and passion for the community shine throughout the book. I highly recommend it" - Gordon Shank; San Rafael, California.

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